Seamus McMahon

Seamus McMahon is a head writer for Accidentally Wes Anderson, having joined forces with the adventurous crew in 2021. Based in Chicago, he is inspired by architecture and history, and hops on a plane with his wife at any chance they can get. Favorite Wes Anderson film: Grand Budapest Hotel.


Genova, Italy

Palazzo San Giorgio

No need to yell out the surname of a famous explorer to discover the long history of this harbor side palace.

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Ręboszewo, Poland


An old tradition "circling back" back into modern times.

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Livestock Lifts

Home to the largest concentration of cable cars in the world, this mountainous region takes farming to new heights.

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Melbourne, Australia

The Regent Theatre

“The Palace for the People” has risen from the ashes- literally.

Booth Island, Antarctica

Port Charcot

This peninsula has been taken over by a rookery of gentoo penguins...

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The Story of the Peanut Man

Continually curious and ever-determined, this scientist’s life achievements are no small peanuts.


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An Uncommon Stay

A swanky new hotel emerges in Ann Arbor with an ode to one of the University's most important presidents.

Architectural Wonders

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Detroit, Michigan, United States

Majestic Theatre

How a theatre got its grooves (and marquee) back.

Wooly Wanderers Down Under

Find out how New Zealand’s furry friends are a part of everyday life, as well as an integral part of Kiwi history.

Let's Discover

Luck of the Looters

A real-life whodunnit took place in the halls of Dublin Castle and remains shockingly unsolved to this day...

History Lesson

Isle Au Haut, Maine, United States

Isle Au Haut Post Office

Only after a three-hour drive from Portland and a six-mile boat ride will a visitor step foot on Isle Au Haut’s shores....

San Francisco, California, United States

Painted Ladies

Everywhere you look, there's colorful houses.

London, United Kingdom

London Aquatic Center

Fittingly, this olympic scaled bathhouse is fully inspired by the ways of the water.

Snouts Save Lives

Sure, this ski patrol has snowmobiles and other gadgets and gizmos. Its secret weapon against an avalanche, however, might surprise you.

Adventurer Stories

Issaquah, Washington, United States

Historic Shell Station

Feeding car enthusiasts' fantasies since its mollusk-selling inception.

The Birth of a Beer Bash

For 16 straight days each year, Bavariapark becomes host to the largest folk and beer festival in the world. 

History Lesson

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A Candlelit Future

Glistening white as a hopeful symbol for the future, an old Greek Orthodox parish has been reborn in New York’s Financial District.

In The Details

Munich, Germany


Home to a Hall of Fame and a Beer Drinker's Paradise.

No Bread Here

Instead of being famous for a certain type of bread, this small town on the coast of Sussex has a history of smuggling...

Off the beaten path

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Poor Niagara…

The mighty Iguazu is a sight to behold and this nearby luxury hotel a welcome place to lay one’s head.

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pioneertown, California, United States

Pioneer Town

A spot where a cowboy could be a cowboy.

Rye, Sussex, United Kingdom

Rye Signal Box

Tourism may be it's main industry these days, but once this town was a smuggler's haven.

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Wedding Cake Vessel

On the crisp waters of Lake Geneva, a bright-white “wedding-cake” of a vessel cruises through the waves of emerald blue.

History Lesson

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Grapefruits and Galaxies

Passersby in this sleepy Californian town should take note of unattended grapefruit stands that line the main road...  

On the Road

A Michelin-Starred Inn

While romping through the Danish countryside, one won’t have to travel far to find restful accommodations and warm meals...

Not your typical b&b

Comedy at a Coastal Chateau

A short scooter ride from the large seaside city of Marseille, the quiet village of Carry-le-Rouet holds all keys to leisurely French Riviera living— including a seasonal Ferris wheel sitting in its harbor.

Skilled Artisans

Boston’s Restored Relic

The house was built at a time when Roxbury was still just a rural town on the outskirts of Boston, and if these walls could speak, they would whisper centuries of Old Bay State history. 

History Lesson

Adrian, Texas, United States

Midpoint Cafe

Headed to Chicago? You're halfway there!

Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Musée Albert-Kahn

This “garden of the world” also contains a plethora of pictures.

Jade Justice

Hidden within the old temple complex of the Thai royal family lies an object said to hold awesome powers—even protecting an entire country from disease.

History Lesson

Papal Archives

Braccio Nuovo is the largest historical artifact and art collection in the country. Actually, it’s the only museum system in the country.

Architectural Wonders

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Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Phra Kaew

Hidden within the old temple complex of the Thai royal family lies an object said to hold awesome powers—even protecting an entire country from disease.

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Hotel Olivedo

As one deboards the ferry into the village of Varenna, luckily, that is all the work one needs to do when staying at the Hotel Olivedo.

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Saving the Stage

With popcorn in hand and a cold soda to wash it down, it’s time to roll the film on a unique small-town movie complex.

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London, United Kingdom

The Connaught Bar

Enjoy a long list of libations at what was voted the world's greatest bar.

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Gunnison, Colorado, United States

Monarch Pass

A Road through which daredevils take on the Continental Divide.

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Cardrona, New Zealand

Cardrona Hotel

A relic of New Zealand's gold rush, this historic hotel now mines for tourists.

Tucumcari, New Mexico, United States

Blue Swallow Motel

Authentic Route 66 motel featuring heartwarming "benediction" from its first owner.

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The DIY Conservatory

Over 110 years old, within the iron and glass of  this “crystal palace” is an international showcase of floral beauty.

Adventure Curiously

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How to Form a Creative Club

It all began the same way as many creative endeavors do: a group of friends getting together to discuss their favorite art. Centuries later, this small community’s dedication has grown into the largest art museum in Switzerland.

Impactful Patrons

Philanthropic Preservations

Untouched since 1954, the Gibson House in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood is a special time-traveler’s delight back to the city’s golden era.

Humble Humans

Bitter Rivals

With its bright yellow cap and signature “one- size-too-big” label, Angostura is the secret weapon to many a bartender, but its origins don’t start at the neighborhood saloon. 

Quality Quirks

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Sprouting Novel Ideas

First planted for medicinal purposes, the Oxford Botanical Garden’s herbs have been known to heal more than one’s physical maladies. 

Adventure Curiously

Florence, Italy

Teatro Niccolini

One of the oldest modern playhouses in Europe, this theater is a portal back into when one of the most important European families ruled the region. 

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Minnesota’s Mega Mall

From welcoming over 40 million visitors annually, to showcasing a special seat festooned high above the theme park ride, this indoor mall is filled with curious wonders.

In The Details

Hainted Hues

Strolling along the streets of any old city on the Southeastern coast of the United States, one is bound to encounter porches featuring a blanket of blue paint on the roof’s underside— “haint” blue that is.

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Vichy, France

Hall des Sources

Water with some healing powers, although chugging one’s water is not recommended. 

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Hip in Heritage

Once the tallest building in the state, the Surety Hotel was constructed during an economic boom for the city of Des Moines, but it would cycle through a rolodex of names before finding the most befitting title.

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San Francisco, California, United States

Olympic Club

A club that's earned the title "Olympic" with some medal-winning members.

Singapore, Singapore

Redhill Station

Sitting "Pretty in Pink," this station and its surrounding area get their name from an intruiging local legend.

Woodstock, Illinois, United States

Sunnyside Farms

Woodstock would forever be changed by playing the part of a village over 500 miles away—Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

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Skiing the Backwoods

Learn about the art of skiing backcountry (& explore the oldest spot in the lower 48 United States for helicopter drop-offs).

Off the beaten path

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pathe Tuschinski

One man's dream to create one of the most beautiful cinema's in the world.

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Kings Theatre

Behind every good king is a great queen.

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Humble Beginnings

It began in a basement, hatched from a plan made on Thanksgiving weekend, there's been a lot to feel thankful for. 

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Plymouth, Michigan, United States

Penn Theatre

This community staple was without a "movie staple" in its first decade.

South Sardinia, Italy

Porto Flavia

A fanciful doorway hides a masterpiece of engineering.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Todra Gorge

This beautiful dusted gorge exists a stone's throw from a wonder of an arid climate--an oasis

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La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Salle de Musique

This theatre is a perfect reflection of the precise nature of it's watch-making patrons.

Washington, D.C., United States

Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum

Located next to Union Station in the capital of the United States, this museum is dedicated to all “philatists”, or as some might know them, the studiers of stamps. 

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Hinsdale, New Hampshire, United States

Hinsdale Post Office

Processing post for over two centuries, the Hinsdale Post Office has so much more to offer than your average stamp-seller. 

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Los Angeles, California, United States

The Harlan Residences

Golden Age of Hollywood apartments that once housed a speakeasy.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States

Yellowstone National Park

Larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined, the world’s first national park is a literal hotbed of activity.

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Cassopolis, Michigan, United States

Geneva School

The county and a story about one of it's most famous citizens will lure you in.

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Simsbury, Connecticut, United States

Heublein Tower

Overlooking Hartford, this Bavarian-style tower fulfilled a promise made by young lovers.

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Los Angeles, California, United States

Pico House

Pico may translate to "peak," but the city of Los Angeles was only just getting started during the construction of this landmark

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States


Roller skate for your health. Founded in 1955, closed in 2006 after its roof caught fire this rink's iconic signage lives on!

Havana, Cuba

Bacardi Building

Home to a grand design, this structure might make one go "batty" for Art Deco.

Crestone, Colorado, United States

Crestone Ziggurat

A Ziggurat built millennia after its predecessors, in a town of 141.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Presidential Palace

A symbol of when it was a French colony, the presidential palaces offers a glimpse into the storied history of Vietnam.

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sulejmanija Mosque

This colorful mosque sits at the heart of the "City of Veziers"

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Greely, Pennsylvania, United States

Camp Timber Tops

Coming here since 1961, campers have come to the Poconos to take part in Camp Timber Tops---we hope the cabins have heating.

Rochester, New York, United States

Kodak Tower

This photogenic tower is the headquarters of one of the world's most famous camera brands, and fought to continue to be Rochester's tallest tower.

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Bavaria, Germany


Amongst the glittering lake and Alpine background lies a palace fit for a "mad" king.

Stevenson, Washington, United States

Stevenson Landing

This remote landing finds itself in a triangle of volcanic activity.

Evian-les-Bains, France

Palais Lumière

A fitting name for two brothers who illuminated the world on the wonders of cinema.

Salem, Massachusetts, United States

Pedrick Storehouse

This "bewitching" wharf building carries on the legacy of a once vibrant harbor.

Como, Colorado, United States

Como Depot

Locals are now looking to embrace “la dolce vita” on the railroad tracks.

Gdansk, Poland

The Long Market

One of Europe's grandest squares is actually a strip. Unlike Vegas, coins are not welcome here.

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States

Seaside Post Office

One of the most photographed Post Office buildings in the United States, it's only been around for a little over 30 years!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Mousehole

A sleepy village with a famous pie that doesn't include cheese.

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Putrajaya, Malaysia

Palace of Justice

A young republic decided to construct a completely new capital city--and this gorgeous building is the star.

Tropoja, Albania

Valbona Valley

This untamed haven of mountains, caves, and rivers has a special place in Albanian culture.

Gaming, Austria


Ride along this historic express train to a monastery founded by the once powerful Habsburgs.

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Munich, Germany


Surviving a world war, this pink lady is back due to a city's decision to rebuild from the rubble.

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Stampa-Coltura, Switzerland

Palazzo Castelmur

Gone for centuries, a family returned back to its ancestral home.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Linh Son Temple

A place of worship and gathering space this spot brings peace to a community fleeing war.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Martinelli Building

This sunset pink structure was the tallest in Latin America. And just kept growing.

Coral Gables, Florida, United States

Biltmore Hotel

This grand hotel was the place to be in America's Jazz Age--and some patrons of that era have stuck around.

Poznań, Poland

Collegium Maius

Now a school of medicine, this university can trace its roots back to a king.

Medan City, Indonesia

Al Mashun Grand Mosque

This beautifully designed mosque is located in the heart of one of the world's largest coffee producing regions.

Pécs, Hungary

Pécs County Hall

This building's colorful tile is the work of a local legend, who's technique led to a boom of colorful roofs in late 19th Century Hungary.

Agra, India

Taj Mahal

An incredible love story behind a famed global site.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Iowa Capitol Building

A State Capitol building that provides many reasons why you "Ought to Give Iowa A Try."

Eyjafjörður, Iceland

Hauganes Village

This small fishing village is home to 140 residents, humpbacks--and hot tubs.

Zürich, Switzerland


A modern castle full of Swiss treasures, including an ancient statue discovered amongst a pile of bones.

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Kansas City Power and Light Building

Once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, this structure is a temple to all things light--and may be fighting some shadowy figures.

Stockholm, Sweden

Djurgården 10

A ferry that transports visitors around the beating heart of SwedenA ferry that transports visitors around the beating heart of Sweden

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Miami, Florida, United States

Olympia Theater

A downtown Miami theater who's fate continues to be intertwined with a philanthropist and his legacy

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Saint Louis, Michigan, United States

Woody’s Music

Unique instruments, autographed photos, and maybe even a tarantula may greet you upon entry into this shop.

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Moscow, Russia

Sanduny Baths

A bathhouse who's story began with love, a queen's blessing, and diamonds.

Milan, Italy

Marchesi 1824

Beginning solely as a confectioner, the shop garnered a widespread reputation.

Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

Black Lighthouse

A lighthouse that was attacked by a foe that it didn't expect.

Joshua Tree, California, United States

Monument House

A home built to embrace the desert.

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New York, New York, United States

Stonewall Inn

This beloved bar in New York City is recognized as the birthplace of the LGBT+ civil rights movement in the U.S.

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London, United Kingdom

Covent Garden Station

Follow this arrow to trains in historic Covent Garden station in London, built in 1907.

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Épernay, Champagne, France

Champagne la Castellane

Is it a celebration without champagne? This starry drink is synonymous with life's happy moments.

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