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Bahía Bustamente, Argentina

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The desire for good-looking hair led to the creation of a good-looking town. Searching for seaweed, Don Lorenzo Soriano happened upon this shoreline and discovered a bounty of seaweed he could use for the manufacturing of his hairspray products. With the creation of a seaweed farm, the isolated nature-loving town of Bahía Bustamente was born. Today, Lorenzo’s grandson, Matias, and his wife Astrid Perkins, continue the tradition of inhabiting this land, and welcome guests to take in the Patagonian landscape at the Bahía Bustamente Lodge and grounds. Thanks to our friends at Visit Argentina, we explore this unique coastal region and its Lodge that provides the ultimate “off-the-grid” exploration, discovering wildlife from lizards to penguins along the way.


A picturesque drive north of Bahía Bustamente takes one to the shores of Camarones, so named due to the plentiful assortment of shrimp living in its waters. A past president of Argentina, Juan Perón, once lived here with his family as a child. A quiet town with most sounds coming from its vast shoreline, any kid living around here has time to imagine big dreams –maybe even becoming president some day.

Camarones, Chubut Province, Argentina

Cabo Dos Bahía

From March to September, this pathway serves as an unassuming highway to a thriving penguin city. Home to a colony of up to 60,000 Magellanic penguins at a given time, this cape area is where these waddling birds nest and live for most of the year. Not ones to take a “Polar Plunge” these penguins actually migrate up to the shores of Brazil once the waters down here get colder.

Cabo Dos Bahías, Chubut Province, Argentina

Car Workshop

With many acres of land to explore from the Peninsula Graviña to the Ariztizabal Lighthouse , one needs to have a car handy in Bahía Bustamente –and make sure its running well. In the workshop, many gadgets and pieces are on hand in the event of an angry engine.

Bahía Bustamante, U9111 Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina


On any errand around the Lodge, “Man’s Best Friend” stays close by. Due to their inability to walk, Matías Soriano moves one his pups around the grounds in a wagon to take in the sun. Peacefully pulled along to wherever Soriano may need to go, this canine aces the job of being cutest employee.

Bahía Bustamante, Argentina


A museum has been created not only to exhibit the wildlife that has inhabited this region but also the sizable population that once lived in these parts. Containing the skeletons of whales, dolphins, and other animals that can be found by a visitor, there are also some objects in the collection that feel slightly more ominous. Left from when Bahía Bustamente was a factory town, museum goers can view an abandoned dentist’s chair and children’s tricycle.

Bahía Bustamante, U9111 Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina

Set amongst a factory town abandoned long ago, this lodging signifies the rebirth of this area due to the efforts of the family that started the settlement in the first place. Almost in the middle of nowhere, Bahía Bustamente Lodge promises a visitor a fully isolated experience—unless you count the thousands of animals and wildlife that call this area home.

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Bahía Bustamante Lodge, Chubut Province, Argentina

Petrified Forest

Here lies a forest that will have you scared stiff – of how beautiful it is. A 30k trek from the Bahía Bustamente Lodge, visitors can observe the petrified remains of trees that existed 60 million years ago. Needless to say, this forest does not make for great firewood.

Bahía Bustamante, Chubut Province, Argentina

The Church

In this quiet part of the world, its no surprise to find a holy structure if the spirit moves you. Now empty, this church is a remnant of when Bahía Bustamente had a population of 400 due to the seaweed factory. Over 60% of Argentines identify as Catholic, making the country one of the largest concentrations of the religion in the world. At this time in 2024, even the current leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, hails from the streets of Buenos Aires.

Bahía Bustamante, Chubut Province, Argentina

The Vineyard

This vineyard with a view is one of the world’s closest in proximity to the ocean. Mere meters away from the white beaches, this vineyard is a collaboration between Lodge owners Matías and Astrid, winemaker Matías Michelini, and mixologist Tato Giovannoni that began in 2018. Producing Albariño, Sémillon, and Pinot Noir grapes, a hint of salt from the sea can be savored in every glass of wine.

Bahía Bustamante, Chubut Province, Argentina

Península Graviña

The Península Graviña is a place of many wonders. Explorable by trekking, biking, or touring in 4×4 vehicles, the craggy reddish landscape offers natural pools for swimming, birdwatching, and the occasional sea lion spot

Península Gravina, Chubut Province, Argentina

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