Accidental Excellence

Sometimes things don't go according to plan... in the most wonderful of ways.

Let's Discover

New Perspectives For A Piazza

The imperfect history of how the Leaning Tower of Pisa--and the attempts (failures) to fix its tilt.

Architectural Wonders

Community Creators

The number of amazing artists that exist in this Community continues to astonish us!

Skilled Artisans

AWA Wins Webby Award (x2)

Adventurers, WE did it. AWA brought home not one, but TWO prestigious awards from this year’s annual Webby Awards! 


Antwerp’s Alternative Walkway

Upon entry to the subterranean tunnel, commuters travel through a 572 meter tiled passage under the river Scheldt and emerge via the world's first wooden escalator.

Architectural Wonders

Cryptic Coastal Communication

The KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station still stands, saved by its historic legacy, a few highly dedicated volunteers… and a whole lotta luck.

History Lesson

A Wandering Wayfarer

A person who travels on foot is known as a wayfarer, and architectural photographer Wäyfarer taken to the streets to discover architectural wonders all around us.

Community Creators

Presented with

Pitstops to Playbills

The small, rugged town of Grand Junction was once no more than a pit stop along the train route between Denver and Salt Lake City. Then came the Avalon.

In The Details

Par For The Course

Over the years, The Masters rules and traditions have developed alongside a tailored piece of clothing.

History Lesson

Presented with

A Daredevil’s Dream

For the non-thrill seeker, it’s hard to imagine looking down on a steep-slope and thinking, “If I go fast enough, and put a ramp at the right spot, I bet I could achieve something close to flying!” The first ski jumpers simply must have been adrenaline junkies. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

Saigon’s Last Public Writer

Post offices are great at making sure nothing stays in place too long. But in Saigon, one man has stayed put for nearly 75 years — and he’s the last of his kind.

Humble Humans

Popping Up In Seoul

This colorful playground is filled with over 300 Community photos from around the world (and some never-before-seen Adventure Photos!).  


Custodial Keeper of Seaside Beacons

From a custom-built lighthouse apartment to an airplane-hangar-sized workshop, the story of Ingvar Hreinsson, the man who repaired every single lighthouse in Iceland, isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

Impactful Patrons

Making Of The Michelin Man

An art nouveau structure that tells the story of world famous company and it's mascot built en-tire-ly of tires!


A Knightly Polish Parable

A holy site in Poland that not only built on the foundation of Christianity in the country but a rock with mystical powers.

History Lesson

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