The missing piece to your collection 🧩

Accidentally Wes Anderson, The Puzzle will transport puzzlers, inspire travelers, and cure boredom on a rainy day — or any day for that matter.

Amanda and I were asked to select a single photo as the centerpiece for this perfect puzzle. Instead, we suggested including the entire AWA catalog of thousands of photos, but our publisher said the puzzle would be way too big (*the crowd boos*).

We whittled the selection down to the inspirational array of thirty picture-perfect images arranged as a gallery wall of ornate frames. Selections include photos from our bestselling book, some never-before-seen shots from the AWA Community, and a few four-legged friends. We even hid some Easter eggs inside just for fun 😉.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include?
  • 1,000 puzzle pieces for perfect placement, arrangement, and admiration
  • Double-sided keepsake poster to plaster on the wall or frame for future reference
  • Hours of puzzling fun with friends (or friendly strangers)
How big is the puzzle?

The finished puzzle measures 26.4 inches x 18.9 inches

How long will it take to complete the puzzle?

According the world wide web it will take around five to twelve hours to complete a 1000 piece puzzle with an average solving time of nine hours. If you can piece it together in less than five let us know! Maybe you’ve set a record.

How did you choose all the images?

Selecting a single photo to represent AWA’s global Community was an impossible task. So instead of choosing a single image, we carefully selected imagery that represents our past travels, future bucket list locations, and a few easter eggs along the way.

Can my grandma join in on the puzzle?

Grandparents and family of all ages are encouraged to join in on the puzzling fun!

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