This 26-postcard set celebrates the atypical, the unexpected, the vibrantly-patterned, and distinctively colored. Based off of the crowdsourced viral phenomenon, and created in homage to the director’s distinctive and beloved style, these postcards offer the best of unique, collectible stationery and the means of bringing the world – and your loved ones – just a little bit closer together.

The AWA postcard set transforms twenty-five “best-of” photos from the original book (and one all-new bonus image!) into adorable, pad-bound postcards, easy to send or display.

For the millions that adore Wes Anderson’s films, these postcards are a must-have keepsake, perfect for avid travelers and aspiring adventurers of all kinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the postcards in the mail?

Absolutely! We designed these to be both beautiful and functional. Postage required, of course.

When will this set be available in my country?

While we don’t have specific dates for each region/location around the globe just yet, we will provide a link to a store that will sell and ship globally ASAP. Please stay tuned.

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