We’re on a mission to send more smiles via snail mail, so we compiled a collection of 26 removable, sendable, frameable postcards in a beautiful hardbound book. Each high-quality, heavy-stock postcard celebrates an interesting and unexpected location from around the world.

The collection is made up of your favorite places from our best-selling “Accidentally Wes Anderson” book, along with at least one you’ve never seen before. Send ’em to your friends, send ’em to your family, or save a few for yourself to brighten up your abode!

Preorders ship October 11th in the U.S. and October 25th in the U.K. and the rest of the world. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the postcards in the mail?

Absolutely! We designed these heavy-stock postcards to be both beautiful and functional. Postage required, of course.

How many postcards are in the set?

There are 26 high-quality postcards in the collection, so you can send a smile via snail mail to someone you love (or perhaps someone you don’t) every two weeks for an entire year.

Can I remove the postcards from the book?

Yes! Each postcard can be easily, and cleanly, be removed from the lay-flat, hardbound binding of the book so you can mail them to your mom, frame ’em in your room, or fling ’em at your friends. (Protective eye-wear should be worn if you choose to engage in option 3)

When will this set be available in my country?

Presale orders will ship on October 11th in the United States, and on October 25th in the U.K. and much else of the world. While we don’t have specific dates for each region/location around the globe. If you have a store you would like to see them in, please let us know!

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