Join us as we venture around the globe, from pole-to-pole, exploring 200 brand new, mind-bendingly beautiful destinations and the fascinating stories behind each of their façades. This book is all about Adventures big and small, everyday and extraordinary, here and way over there. We will meet some of the most out-of-this-world characters, and you’ll be left with more travel, design, and architectural inspo beyond your imagination. No passport necessary!

  • 🌍 200 locations
  • 🧭 10 super special Adventures
  • 📖 368 pages
  • 🧥 Hard Bound w/ Jacket
  • 🧵 Sewn binding (see: lays flat)
  • 📆 Hitting bookshelves near you October 22, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

So...What's inside?
  • 200 mind-bendingly beautiful bucket list locations  selected from more than 50,000 Community submissions! 
  • Fascinating stories from more than 50 countries
  • 10 long-form Adventure tales that take you deep into every single continent
  • Memorable characters, breathtaking never-before-seen photos, and more fun facts than you can shake a stick at.
Why Pre-Order?

Pre-orders not only dictate which stores will carry our book, or how many copies will be printed, but have a huge impact on the book’s success overall. Pre-ordering is the number one thing you can do to help us, so if you can consider snagging a copy today (you can even get your holiday shopping done early), we will be forever grateful 🫶 but if you can’t right now, perhaps share the news with a friend who might be interested.

I have the first AWA book. Why should I care about this one?

Welp, it’s new and super cool. We don’t want to say it’s better, but…. it’s way better. If you liked our first book, or are new to AWA, we promise you’ll love the new one. Dexter gives it four paws up! 🐾 

But seriously, you don’t want to read the tale about the mustachioed letter carrier in Argentina who runs an anarchist micronation called Redonda? We can’t wait to share the – very true – stories we’ve discovered.

Should I hold onto my receipt?

Heck yes! Pre-order your copy today, but take a screenshot of your receipt … you know we like to do giveaways? Well, hold onto your receipt and your behind for what is coming down the pipeline 😉 

Have you thought about a Deluxe edition?

Yes! There will be a deluxe limited edition available for $125, with bells and whistles and exclusive pull-out content like a frameable print, postcards, and more. Stay tuned…

Can I pre-order directly from AWA's shop?

Sadly, no. Our tiny Team doesn’t have the ability to manage pre-orders through our shop — also, we’re not set up to have book sales count towards the NYT Best Sellers list and other prestigious  fun things like that, so better off scooping a copy from one of our many indie friends below!

Will Dexter sign my book?

Unfortunately, Dexter doesn’t have thumbs 🐶 But if you can find us some pet-safe ink, we can paw-ssibly make something work…

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