Como Depot

Como, Colorado | C.1879

Photo Credit: Kayla Heersink

Named after Como, Italy from the large group of Italian immigrants who first worked on the area’s train depot, the environs surrounding this American Como are decidedly different (though there is a lake). Once the spot of great industrial mining operations, locals are now looking to embrace “la dolce vita” on the railroad tracks.

In the mid-19th century, mining in the Denver metropolitan area was at its zenith, with silver, coal, and the occasional flirtation of gold bringing immigrants and industrialists seeking to make a profit. In the 1880s, as the railroad track was extended from the city center to better move goods and people, it landed in an unincorporated area just to the north of South Park, soon to be known as Como. A railroad depot known as Como Roundhouse was constructed to repair and house worn-out trains, which remained in service until the 1930s when the railroad moved away.

While the population around Como has dwindled to a dependable twenty residents, efforts have been made to restore the depot and its surrounding railroad structures left over from the 19th Century boom. There are even plans to bring a steam train back to Como for historical exhibitions, perfect for enjoying the “sweetness of nothing” while riding along the lake.

Written By: Seamus McMahon

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