Sandbjerg Manor

Sønderborg, Denmark | C.1788

Photo Credit: Theo Jean

It benefits one to be careful when coming under the watchful eye of the King. One of the most powerful families in Denmark who lived in this stately manor would quickly learn this lesson, when dealings with the Danish monarch would lead to love at first sight—and a kidnapping.

In 1688, King Chrisitan V of Denmark would sell the estate of Sandbjerg to Conrad von Reventlow, beginning a succession of Reventlow’s that would live on that land for almost 250 years. Proving to be an astute statesmen and military mind, Reventlow would quickly rise through the ranks of royal appointments, eventually becoming Denmark’s Grand Chancellor under Christian’s son, Frederick IV. A few years after Conrad’s death in 1708, however, a certain heist would forever change the course of  the Reventlow family. 

Meeting at a masquerade ball in 1711, Conrad’s daughter, Anne Sophie, caught the loving attention of the King. From the beginning there was an issue with their attraction in that Anne was not of royal blood, and well, Frederick was already married. No matter. Due to Anne Sophie’s mother refusing the King’s wish to make her his mistress, he abducted Anne Sophie and they secretly married. It does appear to have been a happy pairing however, as when Frederick’s “official” wife died in 1721, the couple married officially in front of the public to make Anne Sophie Queen of Denmark—the first to not come from princely descent. 

Sandbjerg Manor would remain in the possession of the Reventlow family until 1930, when it was sold off, eventually being gifted to Aarhaus University in 1959. The present day structure dates back to 1788, but still carries the memories of what occurred decades prior to the family that inhabited its halls. There have not been any recorded abductions by lovestruck royals since.

Written By: Seamus McMahon

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