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Bitter Rivals

With its bright yellow cap and signature “one- size-too-big” label, Angostura is the secret weapon to many a bartender, but its origins don’t start at the neighborhood saloon. 

Quality Quirks

Message in a Barrel

Since 2004, Ivor Fireman has read fortunes on England's most visited attraction outside of London.

Quality Quirks

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Wacky Quacky Traditions

This college is virtually unchanged since its opening in 1438, whispering centuries of stories to its visitors. The most famous tale of all? A Duck on Parade.

Quality Quirks

Making Of The Michelin Man

An art nouveau structure that tells the story of world famous company and it's mascot built en-tire-ly of tires!


The Birth Of The Burger

Who invented the Hamburger? A simple question that is actually a bit of a pickle to answer.

Off the beaten path

Ireland’s Perfect Pint

An Irish cultural phenomenon, Mulligan’s pub has welcomed the likes of Judy Garland, James Joyce, and John F. Kennedy.

History Lesson

A Pocket-Sized Post Office

The post office, located along the U.S. Route 41, is in fact, the smallest full-service post office in the United States.

On the Road

The Petite Parish

The self-proclaimed Guinness World Record holder for "Smallest Chapel in the World" is contested only by the Guinness World Record Organization itself.

Architectural Wonders

Celebrating A Chic Shetland Shelter

Cold and unforgiving Shetland weather inspired a young schoolboy to write the local paper to build a new bus shelter for him and his classmates, but it ended up becoming more than a bus stop.

Quality Quirks

An Inn For Alien Aficionados

Located in the closest town to Area 51, this roadside inn invites travelers to enjoy food, lodging, and all things UFO.

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