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Finding Faulkner In The Frozen Food Aisle

What happens when a library goes through a renovation? Where do all the books go? Well in Carmel, Indiana they relocated to the Seafood section – and the Deli, and the Bakery, and the Produce aisle – at least for the next two years. 

From the freezers typically full of frozen foods to the “Bread” aisle that has become the “Read” aisle, the Carmel Clay Public Library has quickly made itself quite comfortable in its new temporary home.

Just down the street from the Museum of Miniature Houses – one of five five museums in the U.S. devoted to fine scale miniatures – a former grocery store ‘accidentally’ found a new purpose in life when the local library began to fix up its facilities. For the foreseeable future, the Children’s Reading Area will occupy the former Wine & Beer section.

The coolest part? (No pun intended) The unique new home has drummed up considerable curiosity from the community that was not necessarily there before. Kids and adults alike are interested in popping by to peruse the shelves and snap a selfie with their latest find. Personally, we just feel bad for the librarian who has to reorder & reorganize once they move back into their renovated new home. 

PS: No matter where you are in the world, your local library likely has an enormous digital collection available with just a few clicks. Consider this a not-often-enough PSA for local library love.

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