Off the beaten path

Squeeze the Day

Are you in the market for a mysterious lemon-shaped roadside structure? If so, you are in luck!

Nestled nicely between Sequoia National Park and Death Valley, sits a slightly strange subject of scrutiny: The Lemon House. Now, it is not an actual lemon, nor does it seem to be an actual home – as it is not inhabited by anyone. In fact, no one really knows where it came from or what purpose it was intended to serve. However, there are some rumors that have been circulating, and our favorite: it was built to be a beef jerky store.

After our online research hit a wall, we picked up the phone to see if we might find out a little more info, and honestly see how much it cost, because this seems like the perfect AWA HQ. Unfortunately we were unable to connect with the owner of the citrusy-yurt.  After 6 or 7 rings, a recorded message began to play – a gentleman named Vernon was not able to pick up the phone at this time. His voicemail wished us a blessed day before turning us over to leave a message of our own. Unfortunately his “mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time”.  Don’t worry, we shot Vernon a nice text and will keep you posted on pricing.

In the meantime, if you have any insight into this potentially fruit-flavored jerky station, please let us know! We can’t tart’ly wait!

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