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Berlin, Germany

Berlin State Library

Based in Berlin and one of the largest libraries in Europe, the State Library is as famous for what it keeps as it is for what it has given away.

Berlin, Germany

Konzerthaus Berlin

This historically-restored German concert hall, one of three within the structure, is home to one of Europe's most renowned orchestras.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin State Opera

The world's oldest state opera was established in Berlin, Germany in 1742 and continues to operate to this day.

Berlin, Germany

Alexanderplatz Station

The meeting point for the crucial peaceful demonstration for political reforms against the government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) that eventually led to tearing down the Berlin Wall.

Berlin, Germany

S-Bahn Train

This rapid transit system in Berlin was a hot political topic when the Berlin Wall prompted the installation of customs checkpoints at train stops along the border.

Berlin, Germany

Garten der Welt

This garden scape in Berlin truly offers a trip around the world to visitors with its landscapes that represent gardens from around the globe.

Berlin, Germany

Kurfurstenstrasse Station

This U-Bahn station felt firsthand the impact of Germany's post-World War II divide. Located in one of the boroughs separated by the Berlin Wall, it was closed until 1989.

Berlin, Germany


This train station sits underneath Berlin's famous street, Straße des 17. Juni, birthplace of the East German uprising and host of the largest party in the world.

Berlin, Germany

Stadtbad Lichtenberg

Shuttered since 1991, this historic pool in Berlin was built to support sanitation efforts during the Industrial Revolution.

Berlin, Germany

Wedding Station

Perhaps providing a smile to those who understand the English noun, this rail station has served Berlin since 1872.

Berlin, Germany

Stadtbad Charlottenburg

Designed by a neighborhood architect in 1898, this Art Nouveau public pool is the oldest in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Known locally as "the pregnant oyster," this center for the arts was a gift from the US to Berlin in 1957.

Berlin, Germany

Hotel Adlon

When it opened in 1907 across from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was the "most modern" hotel in Germany.

Berlin, Germany

Spandu Citadel

This viewfinder is found on a German fortress that is one of the best-preserved Renaissance military structures of Europe.

Berlin, Germany

Amtsgericht Wedding

The neo-Gothic design of this courthouse was inspired by Germany's first castle.

Berlin, Germany

St. Augustinus

This late Expressionist-style church found in Berlin, Germany changed public notions about what a church must look like.

Berlin, Germany


The Babylon cinema in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin was awarded the "German Award for Monument Protection" after its reconstruction in 2002.

Berlin, Germany

Stadtbad Neuk​ö​lln

Built in 1914, this bath was one of the largest in Europe and during its heyday hosted up to 10,000 visitors per day.

Berlin, Germany

Schloss Bellevue

The gardens for the primary residence of the president of Germany contained some special buried history.

Berlin, Germany

Schloss Charlottenburg

This Palace is named after Queen Sophia Charlotte, who only allowed her husband, King Frederick, to visit her here by invitation.

Berlin, Germany

Altes Postamt SW61

Originally a post office, this neo-Gothic structure's red brick facade and gable design stand in contrast to neighboring buildings on the Landwehr Canal.

Berlin, Germany

Stadtbad Oderberger

Extremely important for hygiene in the early 20th century, this beautiful public bath eventually went the way of most of the others - falling into disrepair until being saved by community action.

Berlin, Germany

Neues Off Cinema

Don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a building by its facade. This graffiti-tagged theater houses a classic 193-seat screening room and a 50's-style foyer.

Halle, Germany

Stadtbad Halle

Opened in 1916, this German pool was considered one of the largest and most modern of its time.

Munich, Germany


This historic beer hall and restaurant was named after Renaissance composer, Orlando di Lasso.

Tigre, Argentina

Club de Regatas La Marina

An iconic athletic institution associated as much with its successful rugby and field hockey squads as its rowing program.

Hillah,Babil, Iraq

Ishtar Gate

Built in 575 BC, the Ishtar Gate was conceived as part of a grand processional way into the city of Babylon.

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Munich, Germany


This German stadium was constructed for the 1976 Olympics in Munich, dubbed "The Cheerful Games".

Potsdam, Germany

Cecilienhof Palace

This German palace hosted world leaders during the Potsdam Conference where President Harry Truman famously notified Stalin of the U.S'. atomic bomb.

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