Garten der Welt

Berlin, Germany | C.1987

Photo Credit: Meike Köhler

Garten der Welt is truly a place that transcends time, allowing visitors to travel through time and cultures all across the world in a single visit. Translated from German as Gardens of the World, this 43-hectacre park of internationally themed garden and landscaping artistry in Berlin, Germany is a site to inspire. Boasting a range of gardening styles from different eras and distinctive parts of the world, this park seamlessly mixes thousand-year-old traditions with contemporary garden design from five continents.

The Gardens of the World first came to fruition at the Berlin Horticultural Show – Berliner Gartenschau – which opened its gates in the district of Marzahn in 1987. It was a gift from the city to commemorate Berlin’s 750th Anniversary. Since its opening, it has continued to expand and become more elaborate.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall the show site in the Marzahn recreational park, originally named Erholungspark Marzahn, was redesigned and renamed Garten der Welt. In this redesign the park saw the construction of the park’s Chinese Gardens, which honored Berlin’s partnership with the city of Beijing.

The Oriental Garden is an ensemble consisting of the “Reception Hall”, through which visitors pass to reach the Riyad, a garden courtyard enclosed by a four-meter-high wall. Its architecture is based on Islamic gardening culture traditions involving themes such as the oasis, the hidden spring and paradise. Along with the wonderful surrounding sights, visitors can also enjoy activities such as tea ceremonies.

Visitors can also discover the works of Moroccan artisans who decorated the walls and roofed arcades with ceramic tiles called “Zillij”. The whole garden is richly ornamented with decorative ceramic tiles, wooden carvings, sandstone and plaster figures. Appropriately, ornamental figures used in Islamic architecture represent parts of plants, such as flowers and leaves.

The International Garden Exhibition was held are the gardens in 2017. Prior to the anticipated event, the gardens saw the construction of new landscapes including garden spaces, buildings, artworks and playgrounds, which have now become permanent features. The Garten der Welt truly offers a trip around in the world in a single visit.

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