North Mole Light

Fremantle, Western Australia | C.1906

Photo Credit: @kat.greif

The North Mole Lighthouse began operation in 1906 at the entrance to Fremantle Harbour in Western Australia. The 15 m tower is made of cast iron, painted red and features classical decorations.

Located at the end of North Mole Drive, the position is a well-used recreational fishing spot and a vantage point for ocean yacht racing or birdwatching. The red light, emitted from a fixed light source at a focal plane height of 15 m (49 ft) above sea level, is visible for 11 miles (18 km) and indicates the westernmost point of the harbor and its entrance. Interestingly, the original light that planned for this house was found to be too powerful and was instead sent to Broome for the steel lighthouse found at Gantheume Point.

The red lighthouse has a technically identical, but visually different (it’s green!) partner on South Mole. Together, they stand as the last remaining of their design.

Both lights were designed by Charles Yelverton O’Connor, an engineer responsible for the construction of Fremantle Harbour and who advanced the proposal of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme.


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