Sam Jacobson

Sam Jacobson is a Brooklyn-based writer once dubbed “The Boy Who Cried Funny”. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing Fiction at Sarah Lawrence College. (No, he is not, nor ever was, part of that cult, or any other, as far as you know…)

Beyond AWA, Sam writes Modern Trepidation a periodic newsletter finding humor in the challenges of identity in this confusing age of Everything, Continuous. Also, occasionally for the space-industry magazine Payload. Sam hoards a clutter of books and drools while reading authors like Viet Thanh Nguyen, Elena Ferrante, George Saunders and J.D. Salinger in his Wes Anderson-inspired bedroom tent.

In a past life, he was awarded a patent for AI that helps cameras understand what they see. Spooky!

London, United Kingdom

The Mildmay Club

One of the last "Working Men's Clubs" in London, Mildmay is a testament to Community and belonging.

Switching Gears

Dubbed “the last, best, and friendliest of old-time motels,” this pink-stuccoed lodging is a relic of America’s roadtripping golden years.

Off the beaten path

Logical Progression

A symbolic architectural achievement and testament to equality in design & education.

Impactful Patrons

Wales, United Kingdom

Tenby Beach

We can confirm Tenby is a sight worth seeing - as is one of its somewhat surprising visitors.

Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Po Lin Monastery

Monastery on the outskirts of Hong Kong, home to one of the largest outdoor Buddhas in the world--111 feet tall, atop a 300-step climb up a mountain.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States

Woolaroc Museum

Oilman, "Uncle" Frank Phillips, needed a place to store his transpacific race-winning plane, Woolaroc, birthing what would become "the most unique place" in America, the Woolaroc Museum, home to an impressive display of Western and Native crafts as well as a sprawling wildlife reserve.

Tenby, United Kingdom

Lifeboat Station

This historic & picturesque Lifeboat Station was remodeled into private residence.

Presented with

A Metal Worthy Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Light has been prominently placed on a U.S. Quarter, depicted in an Edward Hopper painting as well as… a Microsoft Windows 7 Background.

Off-Centered Adventures

Roosendaal, Netherlands

Ludwigstraat 2

The Amsterdam School: when Architects became Artists.

Porto, Portugal

Igreja do Carmo

Azulejo-adorned Baroque church in Porto is home to a "hidden" next-door neighbor.

Miami, Florida, United States

Ermita de la Caridad

A sanctuary for Cuban refugees whose history includes a little smuggling.

Venice, Italy

Teatro La Fenice

Venice's "The Phoenix" Theater has literally burned and risen from the ashes - multiple times.

Presented with

Munich, Germany

Munich Residenz

This German royal palace was built prepared for conflict. The resident monarchs asked that it be designed such that the palace was difficult to attack yet easy to escape.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rijksmuseum Library

This research library is a Renaissance and Gothic-style dream with one of the world's largest art history collections, including masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Ben Youssef Madrasa

This ornate Islamic college was built in 1565, and is now a popular tourist destination.

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