Munich Residenz

Let’s take a walk, shall we? Through the ornate halls, glittering gardens and quiet courtyards of the largest urban palace in Germany. Built in 1385, the Munich Residenz is a breath of fresh air in the center of Bavaria’s biggest city. As we stroll, guided by golden angels, you just might think we’re climbing the Stairway to Heaven.

The Residenz is a lavish location to lose yourself in ardent adventure. Linger in the elaborate arched hallways of The Antiquarium, the largest Renaissance Hall north of the Alps and the 16th Century Royal Palace equivalent of a submarine shark-tank hallway you might find at a modern coastal resort.

Next, there’s The Ancestral Gallery, the portrait hall serving as a who’s-who showcase of Wittlesbach royalty and a resplendent demonstration of the court’s Rococo style.

If you prefer something more shiny, The Treasury houses one of the most important collections of royal insignia, crowns, swords, goblets and gold–spanning an entire millenium, from the early Middle Ages to Neo-classicism.

Fancy some fresh air instead? Adventurers will find plenty of space to breathe in the spacious Emperor’s Courtyard, and along the sun-soaked, flowerful paths and florid fountains of the Hofgarten.

But all that glitters was not always gold at the Residenz. During WWII, the palace suffered considerable degradation. Thankfully most rooms were rebuilt by the 1980s before it opened to the public, more formally, as a museum.

No matter where in the Residenz you may lose yourself, we have a feeling you’ll leave the palace feeling golden, like a member of Munich monarchy.

Written By: Sam Jacobson

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