Dubbed the “Athens of the North” for its spectacular surroundings, rustic buildings and a huge collection of medieval and classic architecture Edinburgh, Scotland is known to be one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. A visit to Old Town will feel like stepping back in time, as most structures remain in their original forms. The old Edinburgh Castle peers over the city from its perch on atop a volcanic hill with the sharp cliffs. The amazing surroundings may be partially responsible for why the city is riddled with a history of great writers making it the first city to be titled as a UNESCO city of Literature.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

The national museum where one can find marvelous machinations, Dolly the cloned sheep....and possibly a Hoodwink?

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Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scotsman Hotel

This Georgian-style theatre sits at the base of what once was the news hub of Scotland---and carrier pigeons.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Waverley Hotel

The Old Waverley Hotel is a former temperance hotel located in Edinburgh's famed Princes Street.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Royal Commonwealth Pool

This public pool house, now a category-A listed building in Edinburgh, represented Scotland's attempt to become a world power following World War II.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Glenogle Baths

This public pool in Edinburgh, Scotland was opened to promote good hygiene, but survived as a century-old testament to Victorian style.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Not to be confused with the art of ink and needlework, this "tattoo" draws crowds at Edinburgh Castle to enjoy music performed by each branch of the British Armed Forces.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Portobello Swim Centre

This Victorian venue offers Edinburgh's only authentic and publicly available Turkish baths, one of three remaining in the country.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The second oldest botanic garden in Britain, founded in 1670, houses an incredible 13,500 species of plants.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Drumsheugh Baths

Popular in Victorian Scotland, this Mediterranean-style bath still features "traveling rings" and a trapeze - entertaining ways to travel from one end of the pool to the other.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Warrender Baths

This pool's modern aqua tones were adopted in 1904, and is the home base to where Scottish Olympic medalists are known to swim and train.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Forth Bridge

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this cantilever railway bridge was the longest of its kind when opened, and the first major structure in Britain to be constructed of steel.

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