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Gustavus, Alaska, United States

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

This Alaskan park is treated as a sanctuary for one species of particular note: the rare blue bear, also known as the glacier bear.

Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, United States

Hahnemann University Hospital

The hospital was named after Samuel Hahnemann, physician and founder of homeopathy, which provided a significant shift in early 19th century medicine and how physicians approached treating disease.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Plato Apartments

On a tree-laden street in Northwest Portland, a bright white apartment building bearing French windows and red trim stands out among colorfully painted single-family homes and surrounding brick structures.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turk Telekom

Established in 1994, this telecommunications service brought the first public telephone network to Turkey.

Moscow, Russia

GUM Department Store

Historically a center of commerce in former Soviet Union, this shopping destination was restored back to its original 20th century design after two attempts at demolition.

London, United Kingdom

Chalk Farm Tube Station

This yellow telephone is found in the Chalk Farm London Underground station - one of three stations designed by English architect Leslie Green.

Southampton, United Kingdom

MS Queen Victoria

This luxury cruise ship suffered a bad omen. The nautical superstition of breaking a champagne bottle on the ship's hull was unsuccessful upon first strike.

Shanghai, China

China Telecom

Even after the rise of cellphones and smartphones, public pay phones like this one are still available for free emergency phone calls in Shanghai.

Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Juanda Airport

This Indonesian airport is the second-largest in the country. It's development was suggested by Indonesia's 10th and last Prime Minister, Djuanda Kartawidjaja.

Utrecht, Netherlands


Visitors can learn how trains changed the world at this transportation museum located within an old Dutch train station.

Pyongyang, North Korea

Koryo Hotel

This retro-looking interior is found within the second-largest operating hotel in North Korea that has two cinemas and a casino in the basement.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jane Station

This public transit is known for... its font?

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