Turk Telekom

Cappadocia, Turkey | C.1994

Photo Credit: Susan Moller

Officially established in 1994, the origins of Turk Telekom date back to the mid-19th century. The telecommunications and postal branch of the PTT, or the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph Organization, which is Turkey’s mail service, Turk Telekom provides services including the public telephone network.

In 1840, Turkey’s first postal service was established and its first post office opened in Istanbul. Eleven years later, telegraph operations were introduced and by 1871 the Postal Ministry and Telegraph Directorate merged into a singular operation. Soon, international mail, parcel, and money orders were available.

The turn of the 20th century brought telephone service to Turkey. The first manual telephone switchboard was put into operation in Istanbul in 1909. Within four years, the former Postal and Telegraph Ministry was transformed into Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone General Directorate – this organization served Turkey for decades.

In 1994, Turk Telekom was officially established by law and, instead of another merger, the PTT was restructured, ultimately becoming two separate operations: The General Directorate of Post Office and The Turkish Telecommunications Corporation, or Turk Telekom.

Turk Telekom has been named the most valuable brand in Turkey twice, servicing millions of mobile customers, and keeping the public phone service operating so you can call still collect from Cappadocia.

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