Marrakesh Railway Station

Marrakesh, Morocco | C.2008

Photo Credit: @schlaube

With a direct line to the city of Casablanca, the Marrakesh railway station in Morocco may invoke intrigue for riders in transit to the city forever memorialized in the iconic 1942 film of the same name. Connecting Marrakesh to the northern city of Fes, the station has provided transit to the region for nearly a century.

Originally built in 1923, the station was constructed during the French protectorate era when French military occupied the region following their bombardment of Casablanca. Moroccan Chaouia tribes had revolted in opposition to French presence, and in response, the French waged a naval attack. Ultimately, under the Treaty of Fes, the protectorate was established in 1912 and France gained control of non-Moroccan citizens and related affairs for over 40 years.

What resulted was a tumultuous time for Moroccans teeming with political tension, uprisings, and the erosion of Moroccan law. By WWII, Morocco’s growing presence on the world’s stage only further intensified as European Allied forces maintained control and laid claim to Moroccan resources. Nevertheless, the country saw architectural growth with the French Quarter and the Royal Theatre located in the city center.

In 2008, a new station was built next to the original railway building, and its tracks were extended to new areas of transit in Agadir and Laayone. Located closer to the city center, the new station is larger, supporting high-speed trains.

While Bogart and Bergman’s characters sought to flee the country in the classic film “Casablanca”, the Marrakesh railway station serves to connect Morocco’s stunning cities and cultural hubs. Each day, the station runs 16 trains to Fes, the northern port of Tangier, and transfer service to the border city of Oujda.

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