Tokyo offers a living cultural mosaic crafted with the best of Japan from old traditions to new technology and pop culture. As the world’s most populous city, it offers stimulating encounters around every corner. From bullet trains to natural hot springs, and top-rated gastronomy, Tokyo has something to suit every lifestyle and desire. However, even among the incessant buzzing of blossoming technology, residents and travelers are still welcomed to find respite in the spiritual sanctuaries of the city’s ancient shrines and gardens.

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Tokyo, Japan

Asagaya Shinmeigu Shrine

Next to one of Tokyo's bustling train stations, this ancient Shinto shrine offers an oasis of tranquility.

Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Jingu

A shrine where the living venerate the spiritual world through sake offerings.

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Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

This outdoor assembly and reconstruction of now 30 traditional buildings in Koganei Park are models of the Japanese experience since the Edo period that have been otherwise lost to natural disaster, warfare and city redevelopment.

Tokyo, Japan

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Not only is this one of the best hotels in the world, it's also the set location for the 2005 film "Lost in Translation."

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Taxi

Tokyo's taxi cabs still have a unique feature installed to impress foreigners who visited the city for the 1964 Olympics.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan Railways

East Japan Railway Company operates the world's busiest train system, with 6.6 million passengers every day.

Tokyo, Japan

Kabuki-za Theatre

This theatre, evoking Baroque-Japanese revivalist style and pre-Edo period design, is devoted to the art of Kabuki, staging performances that can last an entire day.

Tokyo, Japan


This high-speed railway in Japan is known as the world's most efficient passenger railway - with no accidents, passenger fatalities or significant delays in over 50 years.

Tokyo, Japan

Yama No Yu Sento

This Japanese onsen features a traditional bathhouse painting by artist Kiyoto Maruyama.

Tokyo, Japan

Citizen Watch Co.

The joint product of Swiss and Japanese watchmakers, this watch company employs master craftsmen to build their most high-end timepieces in-house by hand.

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