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The number of amazing artists that exist in this Community continues to astonish us!

Skilled Artisans

Comedy at a Coastal Chateau

A short scooter ride from the large seaside city of Marseille, the quiet village of Carry-le-Rouet holds all keys to leisurely French Riviera living— including a seasonal Ferris wheel sitting in its harbor.

Skilled Artisans

Look sharp dressed in art

As an AWA Adventurer for about three years, Marvin was drawn to the Community through the colorful lens of our Instagram but became enamored with our stories (Marvin, you’re making us blush!).

Community Creators

A Wandering Wayfarer

A person who travels on foot is known as a wayfarer, and architectural photographer Wäyfarer taken to the streets to discover architectural wonders all around us.

Community Creators

Saigon’s Last Public Writer

Post offices are great at making sure nothing stays in place too long. But in Saigon, one man has stayed put for nearly 75 years — and he’s the last of his kind.

Humble Humans

A Mansion That Measures Time

One of the few ‘calendar houses’ in the world with 365 windows, 52 chimneys, 12 doors, and 4 towers representing the days, weeks, months, and seasons in a year.

Architectural Wonders

Presented with

Hidden Wonders

Follow along on our journey as we dive into the history of Sotheby’s and the stories behind some of their magnificent jewels and timepieces. 


Creative Cartelismo Of Queens

Brothers & artists who have been hand-painting signs for businesses in New York City for more than 40 years

Skilled Artisans

Unlikely Essential Workers

After the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, Women answered the call to serve their country - promptly joining the workforces at one of the oldest shipbuilding facilities in the United States.


Antwerp Was Made For Glovers

Antwerp’s last remaining store dedicated to handmade leather gloves, this family operated store boasts 120 years of exclusively selling craft gloves.

Skilled Artisans

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