Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Gartner Auditorium

A grand organ's renovated concert space is housed in an unexpected institution.

Le Locle, Switzerland

Château des Monts

Passed down through generations of watchmakers, this Chateau now houses a clock museum.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Burroughs Home & Gardens

A mansion that hosted a cast of characters that were the envy of all Ft. Myers.

New York, New York, United States

American Museum of Natural History

That spirit of exploration is shared by museum goers, as they’re invited to observe 45 permanent exhibition halls—including one dedicated to the extraordinary achievements of intrepid polar explorer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Carpenters’ Hall

This assembly hall has played host to a slew of visitors from rebellious revolutionaries to notorious bank robbers.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

A cutting edge contemporary art museum that once was centuries deep in Danish riches and royalty.

Rochester, New York, United States

George Eastman Museum

He not only invented roll film, his coined slogan told the success story simply and pointedly, ‘You push the button, we do the rest.’

Turin, Italy

Historic Line 7

This "moving museum" offers tours of the ancient city of Turin by historic tram car.

Nice, France

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nice

Jules Chéret was painter and lithographer who had a widespread impact on the city and French culture and some may say he was the father of the modern poster.

Istanbul, Turkey

Topkapı Palace

Home to the Spoonmaker's Diamond, the fourth largest diamond in the world.

Washington DC, United States

Hillwood Estate

A mid-1950s Estate belonging to the heir of an American cereal empire showcases a lifestyle of 18th century European décor while also providing a space for the occasional philanthropic party…or two.

Washington DC, United States

The Renwick Gallery

Became the first museum intentionally designed for art to "encourage American genius," and so was dubbed the "American Louvre" to establish Washington as the cultural center of the nation.

Washington DC, United States

Larz Anderson House

Once described as a “Florentine villa in the midst of American independence,” this turn-of-the-20th century aristocratic mansion was built in a European state of mind with its dominating English and Italian influences.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Royal Pavilion

This museum was originally built as a summer palace for King George IV.

Ontario, Canada

Rideau Street Chapel

Originally built in 1888, the Rideau Street Chapel is now housed in the National Gallery of Canada.

Aveiro, Portugal

Museu Arte Nova

The Museu Art Nova celebrates the history and prominence Art Nouveau style of architecture in Aveiro.

Los Angeles, California, United States

Getty Center

The Getty Center is the namesake of J. Paul Getty, an American oil tycoon and at one time the world's wealthiest man.

Porto, Portugal

Palacio da Bolsa

Built on the site of a burned down convent, the Palacio da Bolsa building was built to provide Porto with a site for its stock exchange.

Choroszcz, Poland

Branicki Palace

Built as the summer home of Count Jan Branicki, the second highest military comamander of the Kingdom of Poland.

Marrakech, Morocco

Dar El Bacha

A prestigious Moroccan museum becomes not only a stunning display of Islamic architecture, but also houses a world renowned coffee shop within.

Half Moon Bay, California, United States

Half Moon Bay Jail Museum

The Half Moon Bay Jail Museum held local troublemakers for fifty years before it was transformed into a local history museum.

Manchester, England

Whitworth Art Gallery

Established in 1889, the Whitworth has steadily transformed itself over the decades to remain one of England’s preeminent art galleries.

Zürich, Switzerland

Kunsthaus Zürich

When a group of friends got together in 1787 to talk about art, their passions evolved into the Kunsthaus Zurich, the soon-to-be largest art museum in Switzerland.

Tokyo, Japan

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

This outdoor assembly and reconstruction of now 30 traditional buildings in Koganei Park are models of the Japanese experience since the Edo period that have been otherwise lost to natural disaster, warfare and city redevelopment.

Montreal, Canada

Centre d’histoire de Montréal

Currently housed in a historic fire station, the Centre d'histoire de Montréal contains over 4,000 artifacts of Montreal history.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Culture House

The stately structure in the heart of Reykjavík, Iceland was initially commissioned to house the National Library and the National Archives.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palacio de Aguas Corrientes

Palacio de Aguas Corrientes, or Palace of the Running Waters, is a water pumping station in Buenos Aires built in 1887.

Aranjuez, Spain

Casa del Labrador

Originally a private residence of Charles IV, King of Spain, the Casa del Labrador is now an art museum.

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