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Skinelaholm Castle

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Sigtuna, Sweden | C.1641

Photo Credit: Erika Sahlqvist

The Skinelaholm estate is mentioned for the first time in written sources from 1276, when the property was likely a royal estate for King Magnus III of Sweden before it was sold to eventually become a Catholic monastery.

The site of present-day Skinelaholm Castle remained a holy site until the Reformation, a period in 16th-century Sweden which saw a break with the Roman Catholic Church and the founding of Sweden’s own Evangelical Lutheran national church. Catholic properties were confiscated by King Gustav Vasa, and the Skinelaholm estate remained the property of the crown until 1641; at which point it was purchased by Anders Gyldenklou, who constructed the pink-hued building that stands today.

The castle changed ownership several times until 1918, when the last private owner donated it to the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities in order to preserve it. The property is still owned by this institution today.

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