Malmo Latin School

Malmo, Sweden | C.1878

Photo Credit: Marcus Wallinder

Malmo latinskola or Malmo Latin School is a historic educational institution in Malmo, Sweden. It was founded in 1406 when Pope Innocentius VII issued a letter of privilege allowing for its construction and operation. It was originally meant to educate the local youth on Christian doctrine and the Latin language.

In the 600 years since its founding, Malmo Latin School has carried on an uninterrupted legacy of education. Each century or so brought a new name to the institution, and it wasn’t called Malmo Latin School until 1959.

After moving from its first location at Sjalbodgatan in the early 19th century, the school resided at Dringenberg farm in Vastergatan until its current main building in the Rorsjostaden neighborhood of Malmo was completed in 1878. Since then, several new buildings have been added to the original structure throughout the 20th century.

In 1992, the school’s student council wrote a letter in Latin to Pope John Paul II requesting financial assistance for the construction of an auditorium. The Pope donated $10,000 as a continuation of the papal aid that founded the school centuries earlier.

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