The Residence

Malmo, Sweden

Photo Credit: Marcus Wallinder

The Residence, located at Stortorget in Malmo, was the residential and representative premises for the governors of Skåne County. It consists of two houses, both dating back to the late 16th century: Kungshuset and Gyllenpalmska huset.

During the 17th century, councilor Fadder Loch owned Kungshuset. But after the conquest of Skåne in 1658, General Governor Gustaf Otto Stenbock took the house from Field Marshal Gustaf Baner, who literally drove Fadder Loch out onto the street. Fadder Loch then joined the Danish invasion army in 1676 but died in the battle of Lund that same year.

In 1729, Governor Johan Cronman proposed a new building, but lacked the funding and sufficient architectural renderings to achieve his goal. Instead, a cheaper option was implemented. Gyllenpalmska huset, a mirror image of Kungshuset, was built right next to the existing structure, and the combined buildings served as Governor Cronman’s residence.

Although Cronman achieved his goal with less funding, the quality of the craftsmanship suffered. Fear that the façade would collapse lead to a thorough renovation in 1777, but many deficiencies remained. Over the next century, the house underwent several more renovations.

A number of noteworthy events took place at The Residence, including the death of King Karl XV in 1872. Today, the residence is owned by the Swedish State and is managed by the State Property Agency.

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