Diving Gondola

Sellin, Germany | C.2008

Photo Credit: @jettevomzaun

The Sellin Diving Gondola stands on the Sellin Pier on the island of Rugen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Only four such gondolas exist, which take up to 30 passengers four and a half meters below sea level to provide a scenic, aquatic view.

The Sellin Pier has been a popular tourist attraction since its construction in 1906. Prior to the gondola’s establishment, Sellin Pier was damaged by both ice and fire before being completely demolished in 1978.

The area was without a pier for several years until 1991, when the President of Germany visited Sellin, prompting support for the structure’s restoration. Reconstruction began the following year. The official opening of the new pier was held in April 1998, and featured a new restaurant.

The Diving Gondola was not added until 2008. Today, the structure sees 400-500 daily visitors, submerging them for 40 minutes behind 60 millimeter thick glass panels, providing a view of diving ducks, schools of herring and other sea life below.

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