Bilbao-Concordia Station

Bilbao, Spain | C.1902

Photo Credit: Abbie Adams

Inaugurated in 1898 and opened in 1902, the Bilbao-Concordia railway station links Bilbao to Santander. It broke up the industrial look of the city with its art-nouveau facade of wrought iron and tiles. The station’s unique design has made it one of the architectural gems of the town, and a point of interest all its own in Bilbao.

Bilbao-Concordia Station, also called Concordia Station, is a terminal rail station on the Renfe Feve network. Connecting passengers along Spain’s northern Bay of Biscay coastline, Renfe Feve is a division of state-owned company Renfe Operadora.

The “FEVE” of Renfe Feve used to be an independent entity, but in a 2012 effort to consolidate its railways, the Spanish government merged the former with Renfe and Adif. Together, Renfe and FEVE managed the fleet of trains while Adif, operating under the “Renfe Feve” brand, was responsible for infrastructure.

In 2007, Bilbao-Concordia Station went through a significant restoration and refurbishment, adapting it to modern traffic and current regulations. It is also now outfitted to host social events, concerts and presentations at its facilities. From the station, travelers get an uninterrupted view of the nearby river, the Estuary of Bilbao.

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