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Logical Progression

A symbolic architectural achievement and testament to equality in design & education.

Impactful Patrons

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Hemingway’s Haunts

Mesmerized by the area’s natural beauty, it was in Sun Valley that the author felt like he could finally live the life of his many idealistic characters—hiking, hunting, and enjoying time with locals that knew the rugged landscape.

Impactful Patrons

Custodial Keeper of Seaside Beacons

From a custom-built lighthouse apartment to an airplane-hangar-sized workshop, the story of Ingvar Hreinsson, the man who repaired every single lighthouse in Iceland, isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

Impactful Patrons

Celebrating A Chic Shetland Shelter

Cold and unforgiving Shetland weather inspired a young schoolboy to write the local paper to build a new bus shelter for him and his classmates, but it ended up becoming more than a bus stop.

Quality Quirks

An Airborne Laboratory

Installed in 1999, the Ballon Generali is a tethered helium balloon that also tracks air quality in the skies of Paris.


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