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Tramway Car

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Lisbon, Portugal | C.1873

Photo Credit: Jack Spicer Adams

Once the main public transportation for Lisbon, the tramway still plays a vital part in getting passengers to their destinations. The Portuguese name for the tramway is called Rede de electricos de Lisboa, and it serves the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. Although the ridership has diminished in the past years, it has proven a popular tourist attraction.

The first tramway in Lisbon entered service on November 17, 1873, as a horsecar line that consisted of a tram car being pulled by horses. The first electric tramway would be introduced to the city on August 30, 1901. Within a year, all of the city’s tramways had been converted to electric tracts.

The network of lines was further developed until 1959, when it reached its greatest extent. At that time, there were a total of 27 tram lines, of which six operated as circle lines. However, the construction of the Lisbon Metro and the expansion of the bus system began the slow decline of the network as people began to favor the newer modes of public transportation.

Today there are five remaining lines operating in the southern center and the western regions of the city. Although its breadth has diminished, the five lines are still important because sections of the city’s topography can only be crossed by small trams. The tram also connects the entire western riverfront of the city to the center and allows a better link for passengers to an area that does not have a metro service.

In recent call to action, the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, announced that the previously decommissioned tram 24 would be restored to service in 2017 saying that it was a mistake to reduce the city’s network of electric trams and that plans of actions would be prepared to reconstruct it.

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