Luvaria Ulisses | Accidentally Wes Anderson

Luvaria Ulisses

Lisbon, Portugal | C.1925

Photo Credit: Leah Johns

Luvaria Ulisses is a traditional glove shop founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues – an entrepreneur and city councilman who requested authorization from the Government to construct shops in the neglected area of the Carmo Wall.

Joaquim began developing the area but kept the space no. 87-A, to himself which was a mere 4 m2. But this small size has an explanation. At the time, Joaquim reserved that building for his own personal office space, and whose glove shop would soon occupy the entrance.

In the meantime, in 1925, Chiado was already a renowned area, frequented by high society and so the councilor believed it would be a waste to not have that door open for business as well. He began to think about what type of item he could sell in such a small space and the idea of gloves – an accessory extremely in vogue at that time – came to him.

Manufactured by the glove shop itself, the gloves are unique and of extreme quality. In order to preserve its quality and brand name, the creation process remains exactly the same as in the beginning.

Much more than a simple glove shop, this a place is one of the few examples of a traditional 1920’s style store, but also because it is the only glove shop in Portugal and one of the few in Europe.

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