North Hobart Post Office

Tasmania, Australia | C.1913

Photo Credit: Madeleine Ryan

The Australia Post has a long history of commitment to the communities they service, fostering connections and promoting opportunities that matter to every Australian. This link between has provided the ability for the Post to have a wide-ranging presence to those Australian’s in need.

In its 200 years of operation, the Post has acquired a large property portfolio, including 73 Heritage buildings which reside on land directly owned by the Crown. Dating from the Colonial era, through post-Federation to post-WWII these structures have significant value not just due to their architectural appearances, but also due to their cultural significance. North Hobart Post office is included on this list.

Located near the historic commercial centre of North Hobart, the postal hall has served the community for over 100 years and even once provided living quarters for the postmaster.

Architecturally and aesthetically, the building incorporates a “hipped gabled roof form,” while also exerting an “expressive presence around its projecting parapeted entry arch and porch.” Its Edwardian Baroque style is also evidenced by some of the more minute façade details, the entry porch columns, and “scalloped” fence. Its idiosyncratic build remains an endearing constant in the North Hobart community.

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