Grand Hotel Rimini

Rimini, Italy | C.1908

Photo Credit: Matteo Innocenti

The Grand Hotel Rimini is a classic style, five star-hotel located in Rimini, Italy. To know the story of the Hotel, one must know famous Italian filmmaker, Federico Fellini, and how his life revolved around the Rimini.

The Grand Hotel was the most iconic character in Fellini’s film Amarcord. The Hotel served as the background of some of the film’s most memorable scenes. As a poor child, Fellini would peer through the gates, admiring the lives of those more wealthy than him and his family.

Inaugurated on July 1, 1908, the Hotel was designed by the South American architect, Paolo Somazzi. It is the only five-star hotel in the city of Rimini, as well as the only hotel on the coast with its own private beach. The rooms of the hotel are decorated with Venetian and French antiques of the 18th century, and the original parquet floor and Venetian chandeliers have been restored.

Fellini’s film career, spanning over 50 years, earned him such accolades as the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in April 1993. Four months later, Fellini, in the same hotel that he admired as a child and portrayed in one of his films, suffered a stroke. He passed away on October 31, 1993 after falling into an irreversible coma.

Today, the Grand Hotel Rimini is recognized as a national monument and is under the protection of the Superintendent of Fine Arts. On January 20, 2020, the Hotel celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of Fellini in “his home of choice,” the Grand Hotel.

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