Gran Teatro Falla

Cadiz, Spain | C.1905

Photo Credit: Federico Bonel

Named for composer and Cadiz native Manuel de Falla, the Gran Teatro Falla is a theater located in the city of Cadiz in southwestern Spain. Opened in 1905, the theater has undergone several modifications through the decades resulting in its magnificent, modern-day venue.

Designed by architect Adolfo Morales de los Ra­os, the theater was built upon the foundation of the previous Gran Teatro Cadiz which had burned down in 1881. Construction on the new theater began in 1884 and would take 21 years to complete. Facing lack of funding, the project was taken over by the city government. When municipal architect Juan Cabrera de la Torre joined, he made significant modifications to Morales’ original designs.

Built in the Neo-Mudajar style, a type of Moorish Revival architecture, the Gran Teatro Falla is made of red brick and has three grand horseshoe arch entry doorways featured in its facade. Guests can enter these doors into a large vestibule. Stairways lead to U-shaped galleries which offer breathtaking views of its massive stage. Look up and one will see an allegorical painting of Paradise by the artist Felipe Abarzuza y Rodriguez de Arias.

The theater was officially renamed for Manuel de Falla in 1926. Although he didn’t produce a prolific number of musical pieces, he is considered Spain’s greatest composer of the 20th century. Today, the theater carries on Falla’s legacy of great performance with its plays and concerts. Each year, the Gran Teatro Falla also hosts the artistic competitions for the Carnival of Cadiz, the country’s best-known carnival.

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