Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | C.1956

Photo Credit: Hilena Tafesse

Welcome to the Ethiopian Aviation Academy. The range of facilities offered here are not only state of the art specific to honing aviation skills, but also comprehensive to defining the strength and all-around abilities of its students.

This is the largest aviation academy in Africa and the training grounds for Ethiopian Airlines instructing students on the full gamut of flight knowledge in everything from Pilot simulation to Grounds crew, and Leadership to Aircraft Maintenance.

In 2015, Ethiopian Airlines made history by sending the first an all-women flight crew in Africa from Addis Ababa to Bangkok. The women covered every role from flight attendants to dispatchers to pilots.

While the airline is the largest indigenous airline company servicing the country, more than 80% of the intercontinental traffic is serviced by non-African carriers. The Airline and Academy intend to change that dynamic. By 2025 they plan to fully expand the capacity for academy trainees and are on their way to doing so with more than 127 international & 22 domestic passenger destinations already in service as of June 2020.

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