Club La Santa

Las Palmas, Spain | C.1983

Photo Credit: Corinne Walder

Welcome to Club La Santa, your vacation destination for focusing your muscle groups and reinvigorating your passion to get in motion. The off-brand concept for an active holiday came from the mind of Danish born Ejlif Krogager who lived the double life of a small town pastor, and big-wig entrepreneur.

After he stumbled upon an abandoned resort in Tinajo, Spain, Ejlif decided that his Danish counterparts were ready to change up their holiday customs. Instead of inert trips to the beach mixed with a sugary rum punch, he envisioned a resort that would encourage people to jump back into their passions of an active lifestyle.

Although this vision was slow to catch on, today it is one of the most renowned active vacation destinations in the world. Not only a hotspot for olympic athletes, it’s also the venue for the world’s toughest ironman competition.

For those unfamiliar with the race, it is far from a ‘holiday’. The Ironman Lanzarote begins with a 2.4 mile swim in Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen followed by a brief, 112 mile bike ride around the island, all culminating in a leisurely 26.2 mile run. But don’t fret, you have 17 hours to make it to the finish line.

While we applaud all who push the limits of physical fitness, you can be sure to find us taking part in one of the other 500+ activities that Club La Santa offers and cheering Ironman participants on from the sidelines.

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