It is impossible to remove Paris from romantic notions when the city itself is imbued in beauty and grandeur. Known as the “City of Lights” for its early adoption of electrical lighting, its crown jewel, the Eiffel Tower, fittingly has 20,000 bulbs that gloriously light up the city at dusk. This capital is not simply a major European city but also a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Its historical 19th-century cityscape is linked with wide boulevards and the swift River Seine which are sprinkled with some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks including the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral and the Louvre, which is the world’s largest art museum.

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Paris, France

Place Vendôme

The site of some of the most luxurious brands is also the site of some of the most unusual ... recycling.

Paris, France

Petit Palais

As you stroll through the museum, imagine being among the first to see it, one of fifty million visitors who came to Paris in 1900, eager for their chance to see a whole new world.

Paris, France


This Pairs Metro station is named after Volunteers Street, created in the 19th century by a group of volunteer residents who transformed a cul-de-sac into a street alley.

Paris, France

La Maison Rose

This restaurant on Paris' famed Montmartre hill was once frequented by Picasso.

Paris, France

Luxembourg Palace

Once the royal residence of Marie de' Medici, the Luxembourg Palace is now home to the Senate of the Fifth Republic.

Paris, France

Gentilly Station

One of 257 stations on the Réseau Express Régional rail, the Gentilly Station is located in one of three small departments that surround Paris, known as Petite Couronne.

Paris, France

Théâtre Montparnasse

Birthplace of the theatrical adaptation of Madame Bovary, this Parisian landmark has one thing in common with the Statue of Liberty: architect Charles Peignet.

Paris, France

Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

A private museum in Paris focused on the relationships between humans and the natural environment through the traditions and practices of hunting.

Paris, France

FDR Metro Station

This Paris Metro station had its name changed to that of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt following World War II in recognition of the allied effort to liberate France.

Paris, France

Brochant Station

This Paris metro station is named after the mineralogist and geologist responsible for the preparation of the first geological map of France.

Paris, France

Musee Rodin

Boasting two locations filled ewith masterpieces, this museum in Paris, France is dedicated to the works of French sculptor, August Rodin.

Paris, France

Palais Royal

Once the home of a cardinal and the French king, this palace was the place to see and be seen in the 19th century.

Paris, France


This historic college, now several different institutions, began as a guild of teachers in the 13th century.

Paris, France

Hotel Molitor

An art deco lover's dream, designed to resemble a luxury ocean liner.

Paris, France

Notre-Dame Cathedral

A symbol not only of Paris but all of France, this iconic cathedral suffered a tragic fire in 2019 that destroyed its roof and main spire, but left much of the interior intact.

Paris, France

Hotel de Boisgelin

This theater inside what is now the Italian Embassy in Paris gives a tiny taste of the extravagant aesthetics of 18th century French nobility.

Paris, France

Palais Bourbon

This legislative chamber in Paris, France was a royal palace before becoming the meeting place for revolutionaries to decide on new leaders.

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