Lederhosen and beer boots are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to exploring Munich, Germany. As the capital of Bavaria, it is likely most well-known for its intense imbibing traditions, animated beer halls, and of course the notorious annual celebration of Oktoberfest. Home to centuries-old buildings and numerous museums, the city is treasure trove for new discoveries around every corner.

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Munich, Germany


Home to a Hall of Fame and a Beer Drinker's Paradise.

Munich, Germany


The gardens weren’t open to the public until 1780 — and thankfully, it’s stayed that way since.

Munich, Germany

Citizens Hall Church

Built in the early 1700s, Citizen's Hall Church is a Jesuit building that doesn't quite appear to be a church from its facade.

Munich, Germany


Surviving a world war, this pink lady is back due to a city's decision to rebuild from the rubble.

Munich, Germany

Schleissheim Palace

The Schleissheim Palace is considered one of the finest examples of European architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Munich, Germany


This German stadium was constructed for the 1976 Olympics in Munich, dubbed "The Cheerful Games".

Munich, Germany


This historic beer hall and restaurant was named after Renaissance composer, Orlando di Lasso.

Munich, Germany

Munich Residenz

This German royal palace was built prepared for conflict. The resident monarchs asked that it be designed such that the palace was difficult to attack yet easy to escape.

Munich, Germany

Cuvillies Theatre

This lavish theatre in Munich, Germany resembles a venue that was once exclusively reserved for nobility.

Munich, Germany

Mullersches Volksbad

This German bath, once separating swimming areas for men and women, was the largest and most expensive pool in the world when it was first opened.

Munich, Germany

Nymphenburg Palace

Home and chancery for the Dukes of Bavaria, now open to the public, this baroque palace is one of the most famous sites in Munich, Germany.

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