Munich, Germany | C.1900

Photo Credit: Jacopo Pulcini

The Orlando-Haus is a beer hall and restaurant named after Renaissance composer and court conductor, Orlando di Lasso, who lived on the site in the 16th century. Now home to the Michelin-starred restaurant, Schuhbecks Orlando, the Orlando-Haus has been serving up elegance for a century. 

Built in 1900 by architect Max Littmann, the five-story building is exemplary of  German Renaissance style. The ground floor is richly decorated with white archways and gold detailing, and features an open staircase and an arcade.

Cafe Orlando di Lasso was a popular meeting place for the Munich theater scene in the early 1900s. One famous regular was Erich Muhsam, a German-Jewish anti-militarist, poet, and playwright who emerged at the end of World War I as one of the leading agitators for a federated Bavarian Soviet Republic. Muhsam outlined his visits to the beer hall in numerous diary entries. 

Munich itself has a long history as a major center of art, technology, finance, publishing and culture for both Germany and Europe as a whole. With a population of around 1.5 million, it is the third-largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the 12th-largest city in the European Union, and ranks high in quality of life.

These days, visitors can enjoy Bavarian-Mediterranean fusion food created by famed chef, Alfons Schuhbeck, while taking in the grandeur of the historic building. 

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