Istanbul, Turkey


Without the cat, Istanbul would lose a part of its soul.

Sal, Cape Verde


Sal is also home to abundant natural wonders like its Blue Eye

Patagonia, Argentina

Laberinto Patagonia

The largest labyrinth in Argentina boasts nine entrances for visitors to enter its maze.

Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Jingu

A shrine where the living venerate the spiritual world through sake offerings.

Tuscany, Italy

Marina Di Carrara

Known not only for its iconic white and blue-gray marble but also as a seaside resort

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States

Asbury Park Casino

A shipwreck on display once drew thousands of tourists to this iconic New Jersey beach.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot Air Balloon

Hop on a hot air balloon to explore this region's ancient villages carved in soft rock.

Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Park City

A ride down the Park's Speed Slide is very much like gliding down a rainbow.

Madrid, Spain

El Rastro Flea Market

Until early 2020, El Rastro had been here every week come rain, snow and heatwaves – not even the Spanish Civil War interrupted it for this long. But finally after a long hiatus, the Rastro returned in November 2020.

Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, United States

Hahnemann University Hospital

The hospital was named after Samuel Hahnemann, physician and founder of homeopathy, which provided a significant shift in early 19th century medicine and how physicians approached treating disease.

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn Bridge

With gothic arches that rise “like majestic cathedral windows,” the structure not only symbolized the era’s optimism, but stood as a work of art in its own right.

Lake Como, Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Built in 1910, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo embodies the elegance and exuberance of the Belle Epoque era.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Hi-Spy Viewfinder

Admired for their robust durability, their heavy-duty structure enables them to sustain intense usage.

Catskills, New York, United States

Fire Observation Tower

Still standing today, stretching skyward to nearly fifty feet, and made of steel.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States

Dolles Candyland

For nearly 100 years, Dolles Candyland continues to operate using the same recipes for taffy, caramel, chocolate & brittle.

Milton, Delaware, United States

Futuro House

This did not come from space, it came from Finland!

Monopoli, Italy


Monopoli is still very much a port city, fortified by old walls and centered around its harbor.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Beaches

Phuket was once on the major trading routes between India and China and is now a popular tourist renowned for its plethora of beautiful islands and beaches.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Plato Apartments

On a tree-laden street in Northwest Portland, a bright white apartment building bearing French windows and red trim stands out among colorfully painted single-family homes and surrounding brick structures.

Cape Henlopen, Delaware, USA

Cape Henlopen State Park

During WWII, the U.S. Army built several observations towers that remain standing in this state park along the Delaware coast.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turk Telekom

Established in 1994, this telecommunications service brought the first public telephone network to Turkey.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Hoan Bridge

Multiple delays in its opening earned this bridge the nickname, "The Bridge to Nowhere".

Murrieta, California, United States

Rhoads Little Free Library

The Little Free Library program started as a memorial to the founder's mother and has since become a global phenomenon that promotes free sharing of literature.

Niigata, Japan

Naeba Prince Hotel

This popular ski resort in Japan offers skiers and winter adventurers a spot of respite after a long day in the cold winter weather.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Lake Harriet

Every year, the Art Shanty Project hosts its annual festival on Lake Harriet near Minneapolis where artists display one-of-a-kind ice fishing huts.

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Longwood Gardens

This organ designed by Belgian musician Firmin Swinnen creates music with the help of of 10,010 pipes.

Weymouth, UK

Punch & Judy

This puppet booth is one of the many who have hosted Punch & Judy shows on Weymouth's beaches.

Strasbourg, France

Club Vosgien

This hiking club makes and maintains trails in France's Vosges Mountain range.

O'ahu, Hawaii, United States

Makapu’u Point Lookout

The largest Fresnel lens in the world tops a lighthouse near this handsome viewfinder.

Moscow, Russia

GUM Department Store

Historically a center of commerce in former Soviet Union, this shopping destination was restored back to its original 20th century design after two attempts at demolition.

Udaipur City, Rajasthan, India

Lake Pichola

This artificial freshwater lake is the main attraction in Udaipur, India. Tourists can visit the lake's four islands, each with their own palaces from the Mewar dynasty.

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