Off the beaten path

The Landmark That Can’t Be Saved

The Robe Obelisk – the navigational structure which has stood for more than 170 years at the entrance of Guichen Bay will soon succumb to the crumbling cliffs below it, and fall into the sea.

Located in one of South Australia’s oldest towns, the 40 foot (12 meter) tall stone pillar was erected to help ships safely steer through the entrance of Guichen Bay.  Originally, life-saving supplies were stored here, and lifelines were propelled by rockets to ships in distress.

Over the decades, the waves have eroded the headland, leaving the District Council to ideate about how to save the structure. Considerations have included utilizing large boulders to reduce erosion or even spraying concrete to stabilize the ground.

At this point, all options have been deemed too costly for such a small council, and the fate of the iconic red-and-white landmark will be decided by nature.

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