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Mobile, Alabama | C.1961

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Howell

Broadcasting daily since its foundation in 1961, the WMOB (1360AM) radio station in Mobile, Alabama is known for airing Christian ministry and inspirational programming to the Mobile metropolitan area.

Originally the program was signed on as WLIQ.  At the time they were an easy-listening music station owned by E.W. Jemison and Frank Conwell, formally known as Jemcon Broadcasting. Eventually they sold WLIQ and moved the studios to the historic Battle House Hotel in Mobile.

By 1971, WLIQ was acquired by a new broadcasting company, Southland of Alabama, and the studios found themselves relocated once again. During this time, the station’s broadcast introduced Top 40 music and country songs to its programming.

A decade later, the FCC assigned new call letters to the station and, after nearly 20 years as WLIQ, the station became WPCY. Along with the new call sign, the station began airing talk radio. Over the years, the station has passed through many hands assuming new owners and changes in call signs.

Buddy Tucker Enterprises acquired the station in 1984 and had the FCC change the station’s call sign to WMOB, one of the oldest call signs in Alabama radio. The original WMOB began broadcasting in 1939. Today, the station still operates as WMOB and is advertised as Mobile’s Christian Voice.

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