Wielka Rawka

Moczarne, Poland | C.1973

Photo Credit: Kaja Pryć

Reaching the summit of Wielka Rawka is a rewarding but challenging endeavor. It is the highest peak on the border of the Western Bieszczady Mountains. At 4,288 feet in elevation, reaching Mala Rawka involves scaling a 984-foot elevation. But the journey is worth it; spectacular views await with views of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine all around.

Situated in the Bieszczady National Park, which was founded in 1973, the mountain ridge along Wielka Rawka contains several vertices with the highest point being a sandstone outcrop in the center. A concrete pole, formerly a geodetic mark, stands several feet from this outcrop. The slopes along the ridge are steep and avalanches from the north eastern slopes are common.

The top portions of Wielka Rawka are covered by pasture. Due to the extreme heights of slopes located along the lower borders, it is not utilized by cattle for grazing. Instead, rare plant species bloom, including Carpathian toccia and bird cherry.

At the summit, travelers are rewarded with breathtaking scenic views of the Polonin mountain range. The Eastern Bieszczady Mountains, Polonina Rowna, and the Slovakian mountains all come into view as you make your way to the top. Take a 30-minute route southwest to visit the nearby trójstyk, or tripoint, where Poland, Slovakia and the Ukraine meet.

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