United Railroad Historical Society of NJ

Boonton, New Jersey | C.1987

Photo Credit: John Graziano

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc. (or URHS of NJ) is a non-profit educational organization directed at supporting the preservation of New Jersey’s historical railroad equipment. These artifacts  are being saved for the proposed New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center, or in its absence, another railroad museum in New Jersey.

In the mid-1980s, NJ Transit sought to retire much of its historic equipment. Recognizing the importance of these artifacts, several NJ-based railroad organizations formed the United Railroad Historical Society.

The Society’s board of directors is composed of 15 member group representatives to assure all participate equally in the decision-making process. Much of the collection the URHS is responsible for is stored in Boonton, New Jersey, in a rail yard leased to the organization by NJ Transit.

The Railroad Museum is home to a myriad of restored train cars, taking visitors back to the heyday of train travel. Among the exhibits are the fully restored observation lounge car from the world famous “20th Century Limited” train that ran between New York City and Chicago, a plush tavern-lounge car of the New England States Limited, railroad cabooses, and a NJ Public Service trolley car from Newark.

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