Petřiny Station

Prague, Czech Republic | C.2015

Photo Credit: Franz Hammerbacher

Built to extend Line A of the Prague Metro, the Petřiny Station is located under Bruncla­kova Street in the Brevnov district of Prague. Opened in 2015, Petřiny Station was one of four new stations added to the Metro.

While the Prague Metro is fairly new, the earliest records of underground transportation in the city date back to the late 19th century. In 1898, Ladislav Rott submitted the first proposal for an underground railway but was denied by city council. It wasn’t until 1926 when a proposal by Bohumil Belada and Vladima­r List, spurred action towards an actual solution for underground transportation in Prague.

Planning began in the 1930s for an underground tramway and a true metro. Development was halted after WW2 due to a struggling economy, but by then the three major lines had been designed. Within twenty years, the sub-surface tramway concept was approved, but ultimately adjusted by Soviet advisors, who wished to build a metro system. By 1974, the regular metro service on the first section of Line C began.

Line extensions continued in the coming years, including the extension that brought Petřiny Station.
The Petřiny Station’s tunnel is the largest underground construction on the Prague Metro, measuring 711 feet (217 m) long, 52 feet (16 m) high, and is 131 feet (40 m) below the surface.

Above ground, the Petřiny Station is connected to a tram, bus stop, and shopping center. Within a five minute walk, travelers will find the people and places of the Petřiny neighborhood including gymnasiums, schools, and the oldest panel housing estate in the city.

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