Palazzo Doria-Tursi

Genoa, Italy | C.1565

Photo Credit: @walter_7.3

The Palazzo Doria-Tursi is one of three palaces in the historic center of Genoa, Italy that together make up the Musei di Strada Nuova. Since 1848 it has also housed the Town Hall in addition to acting as a venue for cultural events & exhibitions.

A great example of a Renaissance Genovese palazzo, it was designed by G. and D. Ponzello in the mid 16th century for Niccolo Grimaldi, known as the “Monarca” on account of his immense fortune. After Grimaldi’s financial ruin, the palazzo was acquired by Giovanni Andrea Doria, the Duke of Tursi, and nephew to the great Admiral.

Built on three plots with two large gardens framing the central body, the facade is characterized by the alternation of different colored materials: the pink of Finale stone, the gray-black of slate, and the white of the precious Carrara marble.

The centerpiece of the Pallazo’s exhibition, is the Guarneri del Gesu, a violin belonging to Paganini himself and dating back to 1743. Every October one musician is chosen to play the instrument during the Paganiniana Festival.

Since 2004, Palazzo Doria Tursi, along with two other historical palaces owned by the Municipality – Palazzo Rosso & Palazzo Bianco – have made up a single exhibition route dedicated to ancient art. The collective whole of these Renaissance & Baroque buildings was dedicated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006

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