Monte Igueldo Funicular Building

San Sebastián, Spain | C.1912

Photo Credit: Jorge Noguerales

What’s a carousel ride without any riders? When the Monte Igueldo Society built an amusement park toward the top of Mount Igueldo, they faced the challenge of being located near the summit of a steep mountain. So, they had to come up with a creative transportation solution for their guests.

Built in 1912, the Monte Igueldo Funicular is the oldest functioning funicular railway in Spain’s Basque Country. But the amusement park was inaugurated by the Spanish Queen a dozen years BEFORE this wooden people mover was constructed – so how did the guests make their way up the 350 meter incline in the first place?

Well, likely either by foot or horse.  Neither an ideal option up the rocky terrain and we’re still trying to figure out why it took so long to construct the cog railway – but what’s wonderful is that is not an issue today as the original wooden cars still transport passengers on a 9 minute ride up the incline to enjoy the amusement park in the clouds.

Written By: Kelly Murray

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