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Kinsmen Scout Hall

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Niagara on the Lake, Ontario | C.1970

Photo Credit: Andrew Interisano

The Kinsmen Club began as an organization for men returning home for World War I, and has operated as a service club in Canada for 100 years. Founded in 1920, the organization rapidly expanded, and the Kinsmen Club of Niagara on the Lake was formed in 1970. Scout Hall became their headquarters.

Established by Harold (Hal) Rogers in Ontario, Kin Canada was created as a means to provide veterans returning home from war with opportunities to serve their community. Within a decade, the organization had grown across the region and individual clubs had formed. As their first official project, Kin Canada sent milk to England during WWII.

Throughout the 20th century, Kin Canada membership continued to boom, with clubs popping up all over the country. During the 40s, Kinette Clubs were founded to include women members, and by 1975, the association included 500 clubs with 16,000 members.

Ed McCarthy founded The Kinsmen Club of Niagara on the Lake (NOTL) and also served as the Club’s first President. To this day, the Club remains active, with 26 members meeting every other week from September to June at the Scout Hall.

The Kinsmen embody their motto of “Serving the community’s greatest need.” For over 50 years, the Kinsmen Club of NOTL has focused on fundraising efforts for Cystic Fibrosis. They have also raised significant funds for natural disaster relief.

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