Kazimierz Morawski Secondary School

Przemysl, Poland | C.1906

Photo Credit: Piotr Zemlak

The Kazimierz Morawski Secondary School has been reincarnated multiple times, going through 3 name changes and at least as many locations. Established in 1906 as the Male Classical Middle School, the institution’s first home was located at Saint Joseph Street.

More than a decade after opening, the school changed its name to honor Kazimierz Morawski, a prominent Polish humanist and the first Polish classic philologist known in Europe. An expert in Greek and Roman literature, he was also interested in ancient oratory eloquence and Polish culture of the 15th and 16th centuries.

In 1939, the school admitted female students for the first time. However, the onset of World War II temporarily closed the school until the end of the War.

The mid-20th century again brought new beginnings to the institution, when the school was moved to a new building on Saint John Street. It’s name was temporarily changed to Wladyslaw Broniewski Secondary School, in honor of a Polish poet and soldier. The school moved once more before settling in a modern building and re-adopting the Kazimierz Morawski name in 1992.

Today, the school serves more than 1,000 students. Its original building is privately owned and operated as an apartment building.

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