Hotel Nuovo Diana

Senigallia, Italy | C.1975

Photo Credit: Margherita Giabelli

Senigallia’s Velvet Beach is a seaside port in Italy that boasts a century-and-a-half-long tradition of catering to European vacationers.

Senigallia’s unique position along the Adriatic Sea prompted the construction of many restaurants, bars and hotels in the late 19th century. It quickly became a destination for Italian vacationers, drawn to the area by the serene beaches lining the coast that have a fine, soft sand that eventually dubbed the stretch of coastline the Velvet Beach. Tourists from other parts of Europe soon followed, starting a legacy of tourism that Senigallia has built its local economy around.

The Hotel Nuovo Diana continues that legacy today. Built in 1975, this hotel is not a particularly historic structure, especially since renovations in 2000 modernized much of the building and erased its formerly vintage look.

The hotel was designed to allow every room to exhibit a seaside view. The rooftop solarium, pictured above, provides a panoramic view of the beach and surrounding area, and features sun beds, showers and a whirlpool hot tub. The Hotel Nuovo Diana is also known for its fine Mediterranean cuisine, which is available in buffets during the day and in a restaurant setting for evening meals.

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